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Authentic Holiday Decor

Decorating for the holidays is easy when you keep it authentic. Using nature and the Florida outdoors is a good way to start. Begin by taking a walk outside or even in your own backyard. Look around at the foliage for inspiration. Think about centerpieces, wreaths or things to put in bowls. Allow yourself to creatively depart from “traditional” holiday décor. If you look hard enough, you’ll find something inspirational.

One of my favorite ways to decorate during the holidays, or for special occasions, is to use Florida citrus. Placing oranges, lemons or tangerines in decorative bowls or as centerpieces is a creative way to try something new. Small calamondines fill flower vases and add a touch of holiday charm. 

What about wreaths? There’s plenty of greenery for wreaths in the outdoors – Magnolia, East Palatka Holly, Southern Red Cedar or even Sabal Palms. All it takes is imagination and the courage to depart from the norm. Most craft stores have kits for creating your own. Florida nature will guide you through the rest. Of course, the life of Florida fresh foliage will be short – sometimes lasting no more than a week, but the authenticity and creativity will never be in question!

What about small, table top trees? I’ve seen some great decorative (cone) trees adorned with shells and driftwood – all which come with imagination and thinking outside the box. Simply glue your “found” items on a styrofoam or plastic cone (also found at craft stores) and you’ll be amazed with your holiday creation.

I also like to sprinkle shells, or nature’s “found” objects around the house giving it an extra special Florida feel. Bowls heaped with pinecones create a beautiful, natural centerpiece. 

Then top off your holiday decor with votive candles or miniature, sparkling holiday lights. I promise, you’ll have an authentic Florida holiday home in no time, and you’ll feel good about keeping it real. 

Happy Holidays!

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