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25 of Our Favorite Florida Coffee Shops and Roasters

Florida is full of delicious coffee and cool coffee shops … you can always find a great cup of coffee almost anywhere! We’ve compiled 25 of our personal favorite coffee shops throughout Florida (feel free to add your favorites in the comments):


2 Birds Coffee & Cafe – Miramar Beach


Photo of coffee at 2 Birds Coffee and Cafe in Miramar Beach Florida
2 Birds Coffee & Cafe – Source: https://www.facebook.com/2birdscoffeecafe/photos

Located in Miramar Beach, 2 Birds Coffee + Café is a locally-owned hot spot for coffee lovers and those looking for a delicious bite to eat. Not only do they serve delicious coffee and espresso drinks, but they also have a great breakfast and lunch! Looking for something different? Check out the fried PB&J as well as any of their homemade pastries. If you’re a fan of breakfast toasts (sourdough, avocado, olive oil, sea salt), breakfast sandwiches, or grain bowls they have a healthy option for you!


Anaya Coffee – Melbourne


Photo of Anaya Coffee in Melbourne Florida
Anaya Coffee – Source: http://www.anayacoffee.com/

Located in Melbourne, Anaya Coffee focuses on handmade coffee as “a gateway to an enhanced experience”. They pride themselves on sourcing all of their coffee beans with an environmental and ethical focus. All of their ingredients are also fair trade and certified organic. No matter what you order at Anaya, you can know that it is made with the utmost attention to detail, care, and love.

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Angry A** Coffee – Freeport


Photo of Angry Ass Coffee in Freeport Florida
Angry A** Coffee – Source: https://www.facebook.com/angryasscoffee/photos

Located in Freeport, Angry A** Coffee is a coffee stand located on Highway 20 West. You’ll know you’re there when you see the golden horse statues! Their coffee is made from an Arabica Aroma coffee bean and they also serve fresh cakes and snacks. Their wide range of Coffee products all freshly made. Don’t forget to try their snacks, Shakes and cold drinks in addition to coffee!


Axum Coffee – Winter Garden


In 2009 Axum Coffee founders, Brooke and Renaut van der Riet traveled to Axum, Ethiopia. They were deeply affected by what they experienced there. After this trip, they adopted four siblings in Ethiopia whose parents were too poor to care for them. These siblings were from an orphanage in a town called Axum.

Just a year later in 2010, Renaut and Brooke opened Axum Coffee in Winter Garden. Their goal was to fund meaningful change in the Central Florida area as well as all parts of Florida. Axum has a relaxed and peaceful environment and all guests can relax and unwind while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in a place that truly makes a difference!


Bandit Coffee Co – St. Petersburg


Photo of Bandit Coffee Co St. Petersburg
Bandit Coffee Co. – Source: https://www.facebook.com/banditcoffeeco/photos

Located in St. Petersburg, Bandit Coffee Co is a local roaster and cafe serving coffee via a full espresso bar, tea, seasonal specialties, canned & draft beer, and natural wine by the glass & bottle. Locally sourced baked goods are also available! Breakfast and brunch is available Friday through Sunday from 8 am – 2 pm. Don’t miss the St. Petersburg mural on the outside of the shop perfect for photo ops!


Belleair Coffee Company & Roastery – Belleair Bluffs


Photo of coffee at Belleair Coffee Company in Belleair Bluffs Florida
Belleair Coffee Co – Source: https://www.facebook.com/BelleairCoffeeCompany/photos

Located in Belleair Bluffs, Belleair Coffee Company is a local coffee house serving specialty coffees roasted in-house. In addition to coffee, they serve tea, and a variety of delicious foods on their menu. They are also committed to using Direct Trade, Sustainable, & Organic ingredients!


Black Gold Coffee Roasters – Venice


Photo of Black Gold Coffee Roasters in Venice Florida
Black Gold Coffee Roasters – Source: https://www.facebook.com/blackgoldcoffeeroasters/photos

Located in Venice, Black Gold Coffee Roasters was founded by Gary Lauters II. Lauters is a highly recognized “roastmaster” who spent his entire life dedicated to the coffee business. The coffee business itself has become such a prevalent part of our world and every person involved in creating a delicious cup of coffee is important. This influenced the company’s slogan “From Tree to Cup”.

Black Gold also believes that many people are now recognizing how connected we are as a world and people. Because of this, they expect their company to be accountable for every stage of the roasting process. Everyone gains when you drink a cup of Black Gold coffee!


Bold Cup Coffee – Viera


Photo of coffee at Bold Cup Coffee in Viera Florida
Bold Cup Coffee – Source: https://www.facebook.com/boldcupcoffee/photos

Located in Viera, Bold Cup Coffee’s motto is “Inspiring bold creativity and connection, one cup at a time.” At Bold Cup Coffee you can taste amazing craft coffee flavors and experience new aromas! They pride themselves on being not just a coffee shop, but an experience of Florida’s Space Coast. They Invite you to make a bold connection over a bold cup! Or even two!


Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters – Hernando


Photo of mug at Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in Hernando Florida
Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters – Source: https://www.facebook.com/CattleDogCoffeeRoasters/photos

Located in Hernando, Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in Hernando was started by Stephen Dorst in 2008. Dorst wanted to provide the area with a great cup of freshly roasted coffee! He built the counters, cabinets, and coffee bean bar in the original store in Hernando, and named the company for his Blue Heeler cattle dog, Barney.

Stephen opened the doors to Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in 2008 but sadly passed away two days later due to a blood clot. A month later, James and Heather Cook saw great potential in this coffee shop. They got to know Stephen’s family and his dream of creating an amazing coffee shop. They proved to the Dorst family that they would be the perfect fit to take on Stephen’s dream and journey while building their own dream at the same time.

James and Heather reopened Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters on February 23, 2009. They pride themselves on serving the best fresh-roasted coffee with a diverse and fun menu and loose-leaf teas as well. Cattle Dog themselves say that they are “the perfect place where friends come to meet”.

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Concord Coffee – Lakeland


Photo of Coffee at Concord Coffee in Lakeland Florida
Concord Coffee – Source: https://www.facebook.com/concordcoffee/photos

TJ, Lindsay, Emily, Bryan, Ashley, and Andy of Concord Coffee in Lakeland believe that “good things happen over coffee”. These good things include friendship, community, and even dreams! The six of them have traveled the world, and have seen many different cultures and traditions that had something in common. They all appreciate simple and great coffee.

Concord Coffee has a strong commitment to their local community as well as coffee. Whether you’re enjoying a cup in their store or at home, they hope that you are inspired to “savor the richness of coffee experience and soak in the goodness of friendship”.


Craft & Common – Orlando


Photo of Craft & Common in Orlando Florida
Craft & Common – Source: https://www.facebook.com/craftandcommon/photos

Located in Orlando, Craft & Common is a welcoming neighborhood space serving specialty coffee, craft beer, wine, session cocktails, and food. Not only do they have a wide array of options for vegans and vegetarians, but they also serve 100% grass-fed dairy and all-natural ingredients. It doesn’t just stop with amazing coffee,  grab a bite to eat as well; crafted toasts, gourmet sandwiches, and also fresh salads!

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