Authentic Florida Finds: A Classic Florida Puzzle

Now that we’re all spending more time inside than we’re used to, it’s the perfect time to play board games and complete a puzzle with the family! We are, of course, partial to this classic wooden puzzle that depicts a map of Florida. The puzzle showcases some of our favorite Authentic Florida cities, such as St. Augustine, Tarpon Springs, and Silver Springs, to name a few.

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Classic Authentic Florida Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000 Pieces



Benefits of Puzzles

  • Jigsaw puzzles help to exercise your brain and keep it strong! This works on both sides of your brain – the left brain, which controls analytics and logic, and the right brain, which controls creativity.
  • Working on a puzzle helps improve your memory! Our brain cells have connections, and puzzles reinforce them and also form new connections necessary in our short-term memory.
  • Since puzzles require us to try many different solutions through trial and error, they also help improve problem-s0lving skills.
  • When completing a puzzle, it is necessary to see how the small pieces fit into the overall larger puzzle. Activities that do this (crossword puzzles are another great option!) help improve visual and spatial reasoning.
  • While puzzles may be stressful at times, they have been shown to increase the production of dopamine, AKA the “happy hormone”!
  • If you’re stressed out, next time try working on a puzzle! It helps our brains focus on only one task and gives our overthinking minds a well-deserved break!
  • Looking to improve your IQ score? The University of Michigan completed a study that shows working on a puzzle for at least 25 minutes a day boosts your IQ score by 4 points!


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