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Create A Magnolia Wreath in Less Than One Hour

Authentic Florida Holiday Magnolia Wreath

Want to make a holiday do-it-yourself magnolia wreath in less than an hour but not sure how? Authentic Florida takes you through an easy step-by-step process, saving you both time and money.  

I am obsessed with finding ways to include native Florida greenery in my decorating. Why not? There’s very little cost and I get to bring a bit of “Florida” into my home. Last week I visited my local nursery and found a potted Florida Southern Red Cedar for my Christmas tree. Now I need a “native” wreath to adorn my front door.

Here’s the best part….this project includes an outdoor walk, offering a nice relief from the holiday stress. And you deserve it!

Things you need

You will need a 18″ wire wreath, green vinyl garden tape (or wire), and scissors

18 inch hard wire wreath (found at craft/hardware store)

Green vinyl stretch tie, or garden tape (found at craft or hardware store)

Garden clippers


Greenery: 12-14 Magnolia stems (more if you are using other greenery)

(Optional) Wreath adornments: red berry sprigs, ribbons, shells, Christmas balls, lights 

Things to do to prepare

Plan a trip through the country, a walk in your backyard (or ask a friend) to collect the greenery. Take your garden clippers, gloves and a grocery bag. I used Magnolia tree leaves for my wreath because I like the contrast of the green and brown colors. Plus the leaves don’t dry out and will last through the season. Magnolia trees are plentiful throughout Florida, but there are many alternatives to magnolia – so, use whatever is available to you – greenery is everywhere, no matter where you live. Be creative!

You’ll need around 12-14 Magnolia leaf stems, about 2 feet long. Here’s what a Magnolia leaf looks like:

Use Magnolia leaves or whatever greenery is available to you

Greenery can be found everywhere (L-R, Southern Red Cedar, East Palatka Holly, Magnolia)

You can use any greenery you like if you don’t have Magnolia. I also like Southern Red Cedar, or any Florida pine. Be creative. It’s all about creating an authentic and creative look.

By the way, if you don’t want to bother with a nature walk, visit your neighborhood florist and ask for Magnolia leaves or any holiday greenery they have on hand.

Create Your Wreath

Assemble your greenery (Magnolia leaves in picture)

Take the 18 inch round frame, place on the table rim side down

Leaving a 4 inch-long stem, tie to the wire wreath, tucking the stem between the double wires with the green tape (once tied, cut the tape shorter, so it’s not very visible)

Take the next stem, and place the greenery over the previously laid woody stem, moving around the circle and layering. Again, tightly tie the stem and greenery to the frame.

Repeat these steps, layering the greenery one branch at a time, covering the woody stems

Gradually move around the wire frame, layering

When the greenery surrounds the frame, look for any gaping holes and plug with remaining greenery

Next, flip the frame over and look for stems that need to be secured for a tighter hold

Next (optional), add accents, like red berries, Christmas balls, bows or ornaments

Use a door hanger or create a hook to hang from your door. Waaala! Enjoy!

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