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You don’t have to be a gardener to love this Florida adventure. People who have ever visited Bok Tower Gardens, rave about it … and we are in huge fans of this special place as well. It feels like taking a step back in time and is incredibly enjoyable for people of all ages. Read on to check out how to enjoy a carillon concert from the Bok Tower Gardens!


Strolling through Bok Tower Gardens


Located in the heart of Central Florida, between Tampa and Orlando near Lake Wales, Bok Tower Gardens includes 50 acres of luscious vegetation. It also includes a 205-foot art deco Singing Tower Carillon, and a Mediterranean style home called the Pinewood Estate.


Enjoy the seasonal flowers at the Bok Gardens


Edward Bok


It all started with Edward Bok, a Dutch immigrant who came to the U.S. in 1869 at the age of six. Unable to speak English as a young boy, Bok worked tirelessly and fastidiously as an office boy in the Western Union Telegraph Company. He eventually became publisher of the popular Ladies Home Journal. He was also a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and an advocate for the environment and world peace.

A dedicated humanitarian, he wanted to “give something back” to the country that gave him so much.

While growing up, Bok visited Central Florida’s Lake Wales. He often hiked to the nearby Iron Mountain, a 298-foot hill, where he also enjoyed a panoramic vista from one of Florida’s highest elevations. During the evening, he cherished his strolls through the tall pines and the Florida sandhill scrub. He particularly enjoyed the peace, tranquility, stunning Florida sunsets, and the plethora of birds and wildlife.


Bok was inspired to make the world more beautiful


Guided by his family’s philosophy to “make the world more beautiful”, Bok created a magnificent space for serenity, beauty, music, and peaceful contemplation.

Bok eventually purchased the property and envisioned a carillon tower surrounded by luscious gardens.  Such a place would remind him of the musical sounds of his native Holland while incorporating the natural beauty of his new homeland into a serene and beautiful garden. To realize his dream, he employed Frederick Olmsted, Jr., a landscape architect, who transformed the property by creating a subtropical garden in a woodland setting with scenic vistas and calming areas for personal reflection.


Bok Tower reflection pond


Your Visit


Authentic Florida’s Garden of Eden is obvious from the moment you drive through the entrance gate passing acres of orange groves and a nature preserve with hiking trails. To begin your journey, the Bok Tower Gardens Visitor Center provides an excellent overview of the property. Docents are eager to share information, furnish a map, and also direct you to the theatre for a short background video.


Bok Tower Visitor Center


“What is Blooming” identifies plant names


On your way to the gardens, you’ll see the “What is Blooming” display. This has cuttings from flowers you’re likely to notice during your walk – complete with their common and botanical names. Come back to the exhibit hall, the gift shop, garden shop, and also the restaurant.


The River of Stone and hanging air plants greet visitors


The Gardens


The self-guided tour begins with the River of Stone, a pebble pathway through the center that showcases 30 species of epiphytes, commonly known as air plants because they receive their moisture and nutrients from the air.  A display of air plants strung with transparent wire creates a beautiful “floating” effect.


Bok Tower Caladiums


From here, it’s time to “decompress”, take it “down a notch”. The pathway will lead you through beautiful flora and fauna, and all you have to do is stroll along and take it in. Sit down at the many benches along the way and just relax.  You’ll get to the Tower in plenty of time – and the periodic music from the carillon will make your slow pace even more enjoyable.


Gardens are accessible through acres of walkways


Meander along the pathway to the reflection pool that mirrors the tower. Huge oaks, draping palms, and also plenty of native plants add to the authentic Florida ambiance. The tower, the pool, and the reflections of the trees and sky make a postcard-perfect photograph. Nearby is the Exedra, a shady sitting area, and the location for Bok’s inspiration to develop the property while viewing sunsets. You might also take the time to enjoy the diversity of birds (126 species) found in the garden.


The Bok Tower & Carillon


The centerpiece 205-foot bell tower is pink and gray Georgia marble and Florida coquina rock and equipped with 60 bronze bells. Considered one of the finest carillons in the country, the Bok Tower carillon concerts are at 1 and 3 pm daily.


Bok Tower and Reflection Pond


So what is a carillon?


According to the Bok Tower website, a “carillon is a musical instrument consisting of at least 23 cast bronze bells that are precisely tuned and arranged in chromatic progression so that music in any key can be played”.  The Bok Tower Carillon concert is played from a keyboard while the bells remain stationary (within a frame) and played as the player depresses the keys, which are connected to clappers by wires.

The Tower is not available for public tours, but its spectacular artistic and detailed design is worth admiring from the outside. You’ll want to circumnavigate the tower and the garden areas to admire the vistas and perhaps find a seat to pause for a moment in the bucolic setting.

Inside the tower are several floors connected by an elevator. Within the building at various levels are antique furnishings, a fireplace, elaborate ceramic tile flooring, a library and archives, a recording studio, and space dedicated to the bells.


Great Brass Door, The Bok Tower


On the north side is the stunning Great Brass Door. It is engraved with a detailed depiction of the Book of Genesis.  On the opposite side of the reflecting pool is the sundial or “gnomon”. This indicates the time by casting a shadow on the dial face with the hours marked by the 12 signs of the zodiac.


Don’t Miss


Window by the Pond


View from Window by the Pond


Sacred and chapel-like, this covered setting overlooks a pond filled with wildlife. Enjoy the birds, reptiles, butterflies, and also more in this natural habitat.


Endangered Plant Garden


This features a display of Florida’s rare flora that is becoming increasingly threatened due to habitat loss.


Pinewood Estate


Courtyard, Pinewood Estate


The 20-room 1930’s Mediterranean style home is open for tours and is a real charmer. Built for Charles Austin Buck, an associate of landscaper Olmsted and a Bethlehem Steel Vice President, the 13,000 square-foot home has all the amenities! These include a barrel-tile roof, carved doors, and woodwork, and also beautifully designed ironwork. The architecture, landscape, and also period furniture make it worthwhile even with the additional entrance fee. Landscape designer, and associate of Olmsted, William Lymar Phillips, creator of the Fairchild Tropical Gardens, developed a stunning tropical oasis and haven for the Bucks.


Pine Ridge Preserve Nature Trail


Pine Ridge Preserve Nature Trail


Long ago when most of Florida was underwater, the Lake Wales Ridge (298 feet above sea level) was above water.  As a result, many plants and animals became unique to the ridge. The ecosystem of longleaf pine and sandhill plants make this walk a “real Florida” ¾ mile hike.


Flowers bloom year around 


Spring is the best time to see the Azaleas, Camellias, and also Magnolias. Overall, there are not really any bad times as the gardens are blooming year-round. During the holidays the grounds and home are beautifully appointed with decorations making it a delightful time to visit.


Bok Tower & Carillon


What clearly sets Bok Tower Gardens apart from other “real” Florida adventures is the exquisitely maintained property. It welcomes visitors through its beauty and tranquility. Overall, this legendary Central Florida icon will not disappoint and is well worth a day visit.

Tips for your trip: Allow 4 hours for your time at Bok Gardens. If you want to bring your lunch it is a superb place to enjoy a picnic. The restaurant, the Blue Palmetto Café, also provides meals and recently expanded its space.

There is an unattended “pet pen” that is on-site for a nominal fee. No pets are allowed in the gardens (except on special days).

There are also several gardens that have opened up recently, including the much anticipated Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden.




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