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Everglades Gathering with the FL Humanities Council


Everglades Gathering with the Florida Humanities Council

Join the Florida Humanities Council Everglades Gathering April 8-10th for a heritage tour of the Ten Thousand Islands, the Smallwood Store, the Watson Place and a look into the area’s fragile ecosystem.

Over twenty-five years ago, a Florida-phile grabbed her stack of travel brochures and worked on bringing a dream to life.  She knew that there was more than met the eye in places like the Everglades, St. Augustine, and Mount Dora, but she didn’t have the time to research the history and culture of each place, and with so much information to compile – she wasn’t sure what was accurate or not.  It was out of this longing that Florida-centric cultural tours through the Florida Humanities Council were created, and have been running strong now for over 25 years.

Big Cypress Preserve Tour

Florida Humanities Council cultural tours are designed as experiences where like-minded individuals can come together, meet each other, and develop friendships while learning new things. On April 8–10, 2016, the Florida Humanities Council is leading a final tour of the spring 2016 season with a cultural-heritage exploration of the Everglades.

The historic Smallwood Store & Museum

The adventure will be guided by pre-eminent scholars, cultural and civic leaders, and others who call this unique environment home. Among many planned activities: A boat tour of the Ten Thousand Islands including the historic Watson Place, exploration of the historic Smallwood Store and Museum, and a panel discussion including Miccosukkee Tribe member Betty Osceola.

See Everglades wildlife

The mission at the Florida Humanities Council is to spread the word about the history and heritage of a state that has many residents who are from elsewhere. The Council is dedicated to discovering the distinct qualities that define the histories and cultural identities of Florida’s diverse communities.

The Florida Humanities Gatherings explore the state’s heritage

Over the past twenty-five years, the Florida Humanities Council has brought thousands of Gathering participants in touch with special places such as Okeechobee, Homosassa, Polk County, Mount Dora, Deland, Fernandina Beach, the Everglades, St. Augustine, and Fort Pierce. These experiences are a lot of fun, and participants report that they engaged their minds and spirits as they deepened their connection to our state.

Learn more about this and future opportunities or sign-up today to reserve your seat for the Everglades Gathering Tour – the deadline is Friday, April 1st. 

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