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Meet the Creative Team of Brendan and Nicole Coudal!

Brendan and Nicole make a good team because they play to each other’s strengths in their studio, all while having lots of fun.

Brendan is creative across many areas – painting, writing, designing and playing music. He always has a sketchbook in his pocket; gets inspiration from fishing, diving and paddle-boarding; works in an eclectic studio filled with Hemingway books, pictures of fish he has caught, art from fellow artists, his ukulele, vintage fishing gear, old pinup calendars, well-worn brushes/paint tubes, an electric guitar, and a ’74 VW bus he’s restoring.  It’s all there – travels, treasures and experiences that end up in his paintings.

Nicole is a retired corporate gal who handles the business behind the scenes, along with modeling for Brendan’s paintings, and working hard to prevent their pets from getting fur on wet paintings.  She has dabbled in many creative pursuits but especially loves cooking and gardening. Her recipes are inspired by the fish she and Brendan catch, the coastal community in which they live, her New England roots, and what’s growing in her garden. It all forms the foundation for  MyDeliciousBlog, a site she created to showcase recipes, fishing stories and farms, and to simply inspire folks to enjoy Florida’s offerings.

In 2017 Authentic Florida collaborated with the Coudals on a project highlighting things we love about the Sunshine State. Brendan created “Fabulous Florida,” a painting filled with iconic imagery reminiscent of a vintage postcard. Together, we sold limited edition posters, which were a big hit with Florida-lovers.

Good news! There are still a few signed posters available. They are $20.20, plus shipping/handling. You can also order the poster on our eBay page.

Not on eBay? Please email melanie@authenticflorida.com, if you are interested in purchasing a poster and we will send you a PayPal request (or you can mail us a check, if you prefer). 

We thought you’d like to know what the Coudals are up to now …

Brendan continues to create marine-life and retro-style paintings, and you can find his prints, postcards and t-shirts at many retail shops throughout southwest Florida and on his website.  He also stays busy creating graphic designs for clients, and digitally printing his art onto apparel for wholesale buyers. But Brendan has a special project up his sleeve – a new, groovy line of designs that will make you smile.  So stay tuned, because he’s targeting a summer, 2019 release. In the meantime, you can see his work at www.BrendanCoudal.com, which also has wood and canvas prints of that “Fabulous Florida” painting.

Nicole has been busy creating recipes for her blog (plus she guest blogs for Authentic Florida on occasion), conducting cooking segments on local TV stations, collaborating with food industry folks on special projects, and writing freelance articles for organizations like Visit Sarasota.  And somehow she even found the time to launch a line of flour sack kitchen towels in March — colorful, bright and lovely images of sea turtles, crabs, fish, culinary quotes, and more — all designed and printed in their studio.

Nicole shifted gears when COVID-19 hit and started making face masks. You can find the towels and masks, as well as lots of tasty recipes at www.MyDeliciousBlog.com.

2 responses to “Meet the Creative Team of Brendan and Nicole Coudal!”

  1. Hi. Really enjoying your site and all the creativity involved. I am the marketing manager at Orange Tree antiques in Orlando Florida. I’m connecting with you too thank you very much for liking one of the post that we recently had on our Facebook page. The time you took is very thoughtful and we certainly appreciate it!

    I like your off entity and I also like the way that you have created a real feel for native Florida. I’m a native from Miami Florida and proud of it! I’ll keep following you on your page and continue to let you know how much I’m enjoying your efforts!

  2. Thank you, John! We love Orange Tree antiques and appreciate that you are a member of our #AuthenticFloridian family. Stay well.