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Let’s face it, if we enjoy good Florida living, we must keep ourselves fit. Authentic Florida Fitness focuses on outdoor exercise – whether it’s volleyball or yoga on the beach, walking, biking through a beautiful park, golfing on an Old Florida course, riding a horse in unspoiled nature or jogging through an island paradise.  Almost year around, we can be outdoors –especially during the spring and winter.  We are so fortunate to live in a state that affords us so many opportunities for outdoor living.

I am runner. When the weather is right, I run outdoors.  I run everywhere…but preferrably in sight of the Gulf of Mexico.  I am mesmerized by the water, the smells and sights and the beauty of Florida.  To me, it’s about peaceful mornings and serene sunsets.

My husband is a golfer and he loves Old Florida golf courses.  We enjoy ones that have older trees, mature vegetation and are more true to nature rather than being artificially contoured to perfection.  It makes that “walk in the park” so much more special.  I will be sharing some of those authentic golf courses in the future.

I often hear friends say there is nothing like yoga on the beach.  I imagine there are some perfect beaches to enhance that experience and hope to hear from Authentic Florida fans regarding their favorite place to enjoy yoga.  I also have friends who do yoga on paddleboards in the Gulf of Mexico!

Swimmers can swim outdoors in the fresh air.   Where is your authentic swim?  Tennis players have a wide variety of choices, too.  Do you play on a court that is scenic and available to the public?

Walkers and runners have unlimited options when it comes to choices for their favortie run or walk.  And let’s face it, in Florida, it’s flat and easy for the fast gait.  Where is your favorite Authentic run or walk?

I know that my horse rider friends have so much to choose from – meandering through the wilds of Florida – and I will be featuring authentic ideas for your equestrian side.

Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime, stay fit Authentic Florida readers!

Email me your ideas at Robin@AuthenticFlorida.com

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