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Ever try walking on water?  Not very easy for most mortals, but a new sport is catching the waves and the imagination of outdoor enthusiasts as Florida’s fastest growing activity. It’s called paddleboarding.

Designed for standing, a paddle board is akin to a surfboard but wider and sturdier. Relatively simple to master, most beginners start in the shallow water to gain stability. Starting from a kneeling position, one gradually stands up, establishing equilibrium by using the paddle as leverage. With feet apart, the paddling begins, alternating sides for forward motion or concentrating on one side to make turns.

Paddling while standing gives you the opportunity to enjoy Florida above and below the water’s surface. The direct line of sight gives you excellent visiblity, especially in view of the sea life below the surface. When paddleboarding on the Florida Gulf Coast, be on the look out for rays, dolphins, manatees and sharks. But, be sure to keep an eye out for the fabulous Authentic Florida birds!

This sport is great exercise too, with the added benefits of enjoying Florida from a unique vantage point.  Have fun!

Click on this stunning paddleboard video produced by my neighbor, Al Hurxthal, Economy Tackle, Sarasota, Florida.

Photo credit: Special thanks to Sarasota Wind & Water Adventures, Diane Lyons and the ShamRockers for a great day paddle boarding!

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