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Siesta Key Beach

White Sand In My Diapers

As an infant growing up on Siesta Key, I had droopy diapers – my mom claims they were always filled with sand from sitting on the water’s edge.  I was indoctrinated early to the “beach” culture absorbing the beauty and warmth of island living.

Siesta Key Beach is home to pristine, white confectioner-sugar sand and the wide open, warm Gulf of Mexico.  Growing up here also made me an official beach snob and I can’t go to another beach without comparing it to Siesta Key.  I have even traveled outside the country to very remote and desolate beaches, but none are as beautiful.  It’s simple – the sand and calm Gulf of Mexico are incomparable.

Influenced by island living, I had two lifetime goals: (1) Sail around the world and (2) Circumnavigate the globe to find the perfect beach.  That was it.  Living a simple beach life created simple goals and immense gratitude. 

I admit, Siesta Key has changed like most places.  We were a typical 60’s middle class family as were the neighbors, but now Siesta has multi-million dollar homes everywhere.  Still, the beaches are the same.

Beaches, beaches and more beaches

Now, the question is: Where on Siesta Key?  The Siesta Key public beach is lovely – if you don’t mind the parking and crowds.  I am not sure who came up with the idea that beaches are private property, but it wasn’t me.  Really. In fact, when my brother and I were scrappy Siesta Key beach rats, we just roamed up and down the beach for hours – and we didn’t just venture on public beaches – we went anywhere two kids and a dog could go.  Life in the 60’s was all about roaming free. 

If you walk from the Siesta Key public beach down to Crescent Beach – it’s a great stroll and despite the parade of condos, you will find a few areas that are well worth putting your chair down. As you get to Crescent Beach, climb around the bend and walk along Point of Rocks. It is fun for shelling and exploring sea creatures in the tidal pools.  Great walk with kids.  Lots of treasures.

I also like the beach off the Terrace (or Access #5), at the south end of Siesta Village or any of the accesses (#5-10) heading south towards the public beach.  Nice wide beaches and perfect for a sunset.

One of my favorite beaches is Turtle Beach. The sand is not pure white, but it’s pretty close and there are nice walkways out to the beach, lovely facilities and a nice lagoon on the bay side where you can launch your boat or kayak.  Manatees are often present.

For more information: www.siestachamber.com

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