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Caring for Florida, its natural environment while preserving the beauty of our state, is one of my passions.  Authentic Florida is dedicated to stewardship and giving back.

I believe that we “live a gift” in the state of Florida and it’s our job to be caring and compassionate – ever grateful for these blessings.  Giving back is essential.  After all, it’s the circle of life.

Authentic Florida Foundation

I will share the joys I treasure and hope you share yours.  Together, let’s celebrate our wonderful life in this great state.Therefore, I have created the Authentic Florida Foundation to support the quality of life in Florida: Maintaining and enhancing our local and state parks.  The joys of visiting the natural environments which enhance our authentic Florida experiences is immeasurable, and I invite you to join my family to support them.  With the economy waning, our parks suffer tremendous cutbacks and require private support to maintain these prized ecosystems.

To contribute to the Authentic Florida Foundation:

  1.  Make your check to the Authentic Florida Foundation.  Send it to: P.O. Box 5123, Sarasota, Florida 34277
  2. It will be deposited into the Authentic Florida Foundation held at the Gulf Coast Community Foundation www.gulfcoastcf.org.
  3.  You will receive a tax-deductible charitable gift receipt from the Gulf Coast/The Foundation of Community in support of the Authentic Florida Foundation.
  4. At year end, I will report the gifts made through the Authentic Florida Foundation on the authenticflorida.com website.

Thank you for your support of our local and state parks, a treasure we can all enjoy.  I look forward to sharing the gifts awarded at the end of the year and the results of our combined generosity.

With Gratitude,


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