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Spotlight on the Citrus Tower in Clermont

One of our favorite places to go in Florida is one of the state’s first attractions – the Citrus Tower in Clermont! The Citrus Tower is an incredible monument and tribute to Central Florida’s citrus industry and groves! Recently we were lucky enough to visit the amazing Citrus Tower and were able to learn about Florida’s history, enjoy a citrus drink, and see some amazing views of Central Florida!




Source: facebook.com/floridacitrustower

The Citrus Tower in Clermont was first built in 1956 on one of the highest hills in Florida’s ridge section. Originally, the tower was going to be 75 feet high, but after it was built, the Citrus Tower had a height of 226 feet (22 stories!). The tip of the highest antenna is 500 feet above sea level!


Citrus Tower Lobby


Clermont Mural – Citrus Tower

When you first enter the Citrus Tower, you’ll see a coffee shop called Citrus Coffee Co. with an incredibly friendly barista. They have a variety of delicious citrus-themed drinks, coffee, and tea!

Blood Orange Drink – Citrus Tower

While enjoying our delicious drinks from Citrus Coffee Co. located on the ground level of the Citrus Tower, we were able to watch a short film about the history of the Citrus Tower construction! Additionally, there are multiple comfortable lounging areas in the lobby of the tower for relaxing before you head up the tower!

Citrus Tower Elevator Mural

When you make your way to the elevator, you’ll be greeted by a hand-painted elevator mural featuring oranges, of course! From there, you’ll take your elevator ride up 22 stories to the observation deck!


Citrus Tower – Observation Deck


Views from the top of the Citrus Tower

The glass-enclosed observation deck allows visitors to enjoy amazing sights and a panoramic view of Central Florida! You can also see the rolling hills of Florida’s ridge section and hundreds of spring-fed lakes! The observation deck includes signs of what sights are nearby and the distance they are from the tower! You can stay and observe the sights in the tower for as long as you’d like!

Directional signs at the top of Citrus Tower


Citrus Tower – Ticket Information


Citrus Tower Clermont

Tickets to the top of the Citrus Tower are priced as follows:

  • Adults: $10.00
  • Children: $6.00
  • Senior, AAA, First Responder, Nurse, Military: $9.00

Live too far away and don’t think you can make it to see the Citrus Tower in person? You can check out their live feed, Live From the Top to see the incredible 226-feet view!

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